I've got a vocabulary with 700 terms and Views term hierarchy weight field enabled (version 7.x-1.6). When adding or movind a term, it starts to recalculate depths for every term, and the "Computing the weight and depth of each term" screen takes more than 3 minutes in a site that is not in production. Vocabulary is not more than 3 levels deep. Drupal version is 7.44.

I disabled the VTHWF module for comparison, and the processing time for adding /moving terms was cut to a tenth, so I thought "great: disable it, move and create, and then re-enable it!"... BUT the missed terms' depths were not recalculated as the module was reenabled.

Any help possible? thanks


Firstly it depends on your local environment. 700 Taxonomy terms are not a lot but calculation might be affected if your local environment is not powerfull enough. To mitigate your performance drawbacks take two steps.

  1. Make sure you are using php 7 because it actually has a significant performance increase.
  2. Increase your php memory limit to 128MB. Find the memory_limit variable in php.ini file and add 128MB next to it.

Now in the case of your calculation of depth after re-enabling the module issue I guess the correct path to take is the issue queue of the module itself. Issue Queue

  • Thanks! Really no PHP 7 for us in the near future, poor us... Eventually we discarded VTHWF and used drupal.org/project/taxonomy_edge. It turned out to provide us with what we needed, i.e., a way to account for proper order and depth-positioning of any individual term. – Marco Aurélio Rocca Dec 5 '16 at 20:54
  • Using PHP7 since last year, but the mentioned vocabulay was torn down to a dozen other vocabularies, so the issue lost its object... Thanks anyway! – Marco Aurélio Rocca Mar 21 '18 at 18:14

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