I create a custom region in sub-theme. I have constructed a map, on which there is a markers when you click on a link (Image 1) description opens on a full page (as on Image 2). How to open a description in the custom region? (example of custom region is on Image 1) Also I need to transition link eg http://localhost/node/32 to open map (front page) and opens the description in the custom region? Someone had to deal with such a task? How this functionality can be implemented?


Image 1


Image 2

  • Do you mean rendering a node with ajax? – Jimmy Ko Jul 26 '16 at 9:15
  • Yes I do not want to overload the page with the map, I want to load content of node in custom region (right side) by click on it link. I've already implemented with module Form block inputing content of node in custom region (when you press the blue button). You can see it on site But I can not figure out how to load content of exist nodes in custom region. – makbuk Jul 26 '16 at 11:18

You can create your block programmatically as explained in this post, and then in the block_view function, add the content of your node as the block's content, for example:

$imported_node = node_load($imported_nid);
$block['title'] = $imported_node->title;
$block['content'] = $imported_node->body; 

You will have to tweak the values to fit your node content, structure you want to output

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