I have a view with two displays: page and attachment. The exposed filters are the same for both the displays, and I used the Inherit exposed filters in the attachment settings.

I want to put the attachment in a specific theme region. How can I print the attachment in a different region?

enter image description here

The "pink" box is the attachment, which contains a Leaflet map. The user can select either one of the filters and see the results in the box map and the page below (node1, node2, node3, ...).

This is a screenshot of the view page as it is now.

This is what i have now

Either of these solutions could work for me:

  • Be able to display the attachment display in another region, then the page display under it
  • Have a block that functions in the same way as an attachment and inherits all exposed and contextual filters in the way an attachment would do

I tried to use views_embed_view() in a custom PHP block. The block shows correctly the attachment, but the filter doesn't work with the new block.

$view_name = 'indoor';
$display_id = 'attachment_1';
print views_embed_view($view_name, $display_id);

I think the problem is the AJAX parameter view_dom_id passed to the block.

This is what i want:

enter image description here


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At moment I fixed with contextual filter query by disabling the ajax and get query from URL. This way I can use separated block for the map.

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