I think this may be related to using "tokens" when developing a module, but I am seeing this:

'og:updated_time' => array('value' => '[node:changed:custom:c]'),

The question I have is about: [node:changed:custom:c]

What is this? What is it even called?

In my particular case, I am adjusting a module to retrieve a new value from a custom field.

'og:image' => array('value' => '[node:field_social_image]')

I have successfully used this for other custom fields, using the exact same syntax, but this one does not work.

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These are the tokens, more specific a custom/dynamic tokens implemented by Drupal core (token.inc) and managed by Token module.

See: List of tokens page for more details:

Custom format [node:changed:custom:?] "?" is a single, unquoted PHP date formatting character. Use this token multiple times to build a full custom format.

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    Interesting! Hope it's OK I added that link in your answer ... Jul 30, 2016 at 12:59

If your field_social_image is not a date field (it's probably an image field ...), and taking into consideration the accepted answer from kenorb, it would explain why that that "c" doesn't work.

Because it's a PHP date formatting character, i.e. related to "ISO 8601 date (added in PHP 5) 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00"

In other words: use "c" only for date fields.

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