I am currently searching for a example to migrate data into an address field in Drupal 8 without any luck for now.

Has someone a hint for me on how to map the fields?

I tried the following:

my.migrate.yml file:

'field_date_address/address_line1': date_tmp_address_address_line1
'field_date_address/locality': date_tmp_address_locality
'field_date_address/postal_code': date_tmp_address_postal_code


$row->setSourceProperty('date_tmp_address_address_line1', 'Teststreet 18');
$row->setSourceProperty('date_tmp_address_locality', 'Test locallity');
$row->setSourceProperty('date_tmp_address_postal_code', '12345');

I was able to solve it :-)

This helped me: https://www.drupal.org/node/2594631#comment-11322879

It is important to map all addressfield subfields, otherwise it will not work.

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    If you can post an example here rather then only a link, it would be better. – Jimmy Ko Jul 30 '16 at 14:54
  • To have duplicate content? I do not think that is a good idea. – Sebastian Nov 29 '16 at 17:00
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    It is not a shame if you provide the link where you copy from. Because the 3rd party source can be not found in future. It is encouraged in Drupal Answer and also Stackoverflow. – Jimmy Ko Nov 29 '16 at 17:21
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    Just to elaborate on Sebastian's comment. If you try and just migrate one field (say address_line1) it will not work. You need to migrate all the fields (or at least address_line1, country_code, langcode, locality, postal_code and administrative_area). I got stuck on this for quite a while. – chap May 4 '18 at 1:34

I do migrate from json to drupal 8, hope this will help.

In the .yml I call the field on a single value :

id: my_id_migrate
label: My Label
migration_group: MyGroup
migration_dependencies: {}

  plugin: json_source
    Accept: 'application/json'
  identifier: id
  identifierDepth: 0
    - id
    - title
    - address

  plugin: entity:node

    plugin: default_value
    default_value: my_node_type

  title: title

  field_geolocation : geolocation
  field_address : address

And 'address' is an array of all subfields :

.json source :

      "title":"Title 1",
         "address_line1":"adress 1",
         "locality":"City of lights",
      "title":"Title 2",
         "address_line1":"adress 1 of number2",
         "locality":"City of lights",
      "title":"Title 3",
         "address_line1":"adress 1 of number3",
         "locality":"City of lights",

Works with all subfields, and works fine for all fields in drupal 8 that have subfields (like geolocation fields for example)


Can you please give any example any example we can have for Source migration as SQL Currently I am facing a issue in migration addressfield from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Address field

There are no migration path currently for Address field any suggestion will be helpful


Here is a working example with a user profile migration (not Drupal user account).

Adress is an array of subfields. You can check in database all the possible subfields because i don’t use all of them (ex : field_profile_address_family_name)

.yml file :

     plugin: default_value
     default_value: FR
     plugin: default_value
     default_value: fr
   field_profile_address/address_line1: adresse1
   field_profile_address/address_line1: adresse2
   field_profile_address/locality: ville

   field_profile_address/postal_code: code_postal

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