I'm trying to obtain the complete list of Drush Output Formats. I'm using drush 9.0-dev and in the Output formats section of the Drush Documentation it says:

The list of formats shown is abbreviated; to see the complete list of available formats, run the help command with the --verbose option.

I tried drush help --verbose, but I can't find the information.

Is there another way to have access to this information?

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To see the verbose list of output formats use help with a command name. For example the help for the watchdog list command drush help wd-list:

Normally you get:

 --format=<json>                           Select output format. Available: table, csv, html, json, list, var_export, yaml.
                                           Default is table.

But if you use --verbose:

drush --verbose help wd-list

You get the full list:

 --format=<json>                           Select output format.
                                           All available values are:
                                            - table: A formatted, word-wrapped table.
                                            - config: A configuration file in executable php format. The variable name is
                                           "config", and the variable keys are taken from the output data array's keys.
                                            - csv: A list of values, one per row, each of which is a comma-separated list of
                                            - html: An HTML representation
                                            - json: Javascript Object Notation.
                                            - labeled-export: A list of php exports, labeled with a name.
                                            - list: A simple list of values.
                                            - php: A serialized php string.
                                            - print-r: Output via php print_r function.
                                            - var_export: An array in executable php format.
                                            - variables: A list of php variable assignments.
                                            - yaml: Yaml output format.
                                           Default is table.

To get a global detailed list of all formats defined in drush you can use the drush function outputformat_drush_engine_outputformat():

drush ev 'var_dump(outputformat_drush_engine_outputformat())'


If you want to see only the format names you can use:

drush ev 'print_r(array_keys(outputformat_drush_engine_outputformat()))'


[0] => table
[1] => key-value
[2] => key-value-list
[3] => json
[4] => string
[5] => message
[6] => print-r
[7] => var_export
[8] => yaml
[9] => php
[10] => config
[11] => list
[12] => nested-csv
[13] => csv-or-string
[14] => csv
[15] => variables
[16] => labeled-export
[17] => html

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