I'm executing the following code in hook_init:

function my_module_init(){
    global $user;

    $apprenticeship = user_access('prevent publishing apprenticeship job', $user);
    drupal_set_message("CHECKING permission[prevent publishing apprenticeship job]: " . $apprenticeship);
    $content = user_access('access content', $user);
    drupal_set_message("CHECKING permission[access content]: " . $content);

I am logged in as USER#1 and the prevent publishing apprenticeship job permission is NOT set for user#1.

However, each time my code executes user_access('prevent publishing apprenticeship job', $user) returns 1 i:e true.

As I said, that permission is not set for for the administrator role.

Can anyone help and point out what I'm missing or doing wrong?


The access content also returns 1 but that is set for the administrator role.


The user #1 is special, in Drupal. It will always have all permissions, even the ones not explicitly set for the administrator role.

See user_access() source code.

  // User #1 has all privileges:
  if ($account->uid == 1) {
    return TRUE;
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  • Thanks TytooF. I suspected! User#1 or not user_access should probably be true to the values set on the permissions page. – sisko Aug 4 '16 at 14:36

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