I have a view which show a content with a Fivestar field (votes). The problem is that the field is shown as the percentage of votes, not like the stars, or the number (in fact I need to show the number instead of percentage).

I mean, my Fivestar field has 10 stars. Well then if, for example, a node has 7 stars, rather than see the 7 stars or the number of stars (7) is shown the percentage, 70.

What I have to do to show the number (in my example "7")?

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I found a solution for my question: Hide your vote field in views ("Exclude from display"); then, add a Global field, the "global math expression", and in this field add a replacement token of your exclude field, in my case [value]. Finally add the mathematical expression to divide by 10 the number: [value]/10. Apply and save the view.

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