I'm unable to install drush in windows. I have searched a lot for it but unable to understand. I'm new to drupal.


it's pretty simple in fact all you have to do is download and install Acquia Dev Desktop from this link dev desktop and you will have a local dev environnement for drupal with drush included

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Here are some guide on how to install Drush on Windows.

From docs.drush.org

Drush on Windows is not recommended, since Drush's test suite is not running there (help wanted).

Acquia Dev Desktop is excellent, and includes Drush. See the terminal icon after setting up a web site.

Or consider running Linux/OSX via Virtualbox. Drupal VM and Vlad are popular.

These Windows packages include Drush and its dependencies (including MSys). 7.0.0 (stable). 6.6.0. 6.0.

Or install LAMP on your own, and run Drush via Git's shell, in order to insure that all depedencies are available.

When creating site aliases for Windows remote machines, pay particular attention to information presented in the example.aliases.drushrc.php file, especially when setting values for 'remote-host' and 'os', as these are very important when running drush rsync and drush sql-sync commands.




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