I am using Drupal 7 with commerce module. There are a lot of product-types with a plethora of fields – but in general, only a few fields differ, the vocabularies attached to the product for example. So I would like to stubbornly clone the product-variants and their product-display and make some minor changes manually afterwards. It's important, that the display settings are cloned, too. While researching, I found a confusing amount of modules that seem to offer that kind of functionality:

I would be glad to hear advices from savvy people for modules and appropriate workflows.


After trying out all above modules, I can clearly say for my usecase the winner is: bundle_copy for cloning product displays in combination with bundle_copy_commerce for the product variations. Cave: I didn't use the clone/copy feature of both moduls because of errors and poor cloning (fieldgroups weren't copied) – instead I used the export/import feature:

  1. Export the entity
  2. Replace in the code from step 1 all occurences of the bundle name with a new name
  3. Import the code from step 2 again.
  4. When using fieldgroups you have to make sure, you rename the fieldgroups in step 4 with a unique name (add the bundle name as a suffix, for example).
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