Guess I found a bug here and already filed it:

  • Created custom profile,
  • added https://www.drupal.org/project/mmenu dependency (which then is placed under profiles/profile_name/modules/contrib/mmenu).
  • Added MMenu libraries (jquery.mmenu, hammer.js, jquery.hammer),
  • activated everything but then Drupal looks for the wrong library paths under libraries/mmenu instead of profiles/profile_name/libraries/mmenu.

libraries_get_path('mmenu') returns correct path (profiles/profile_name/libraries/mmenu).

drupal_get_profile() returns correct profile.

Drupal seems to only take the paths defined in mmenu.libraries.yml into account. Changing them makes everything work as desired. So, I'm asking myself now: Is there any possibility to override the paths defined in mmenu.libraries.yml from a custom module?


Yes, this is possible, there is a hook that can be used to alter libraries called: hook_library_info_alter.

You can use this to alter basically anything is the library definition.

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    To expand on that, libraries_get_path() is from the libraries module. It is weird, but it has absolutely nothing to do with libraries.yml files, which are a core feature. To make this work, you you ned to check the path and dynamically set it for your library definition, look at jw_player, dropzonejs and other examples. – Berdir Aug 9 '16 at 19:41

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