In my theme on Drupal 7:50 there is #banner just beneath #menu. For #banner I have made {border-bottom:5px solid blue} The problem is that sometimes #banner is empty and then the #border remains and goes up beneath #menu and that kills the layout.

Is there a way to #banner{display:none} if "banner is empty by using PHP or how to do it. All suggestions are welcome. Killing the border with JS and CSS if #banner height is below 5 ?



One way would be to set a minimum height on #banner. That way when #banner is empty of content, there will still be a space between #menu and the border. This solution does not require you to involve PHP at all.

#banner {
  min-height: 10px;
  • The problem is there will be an extra line. But simple it is. Thanks. – hassebasse Aug 10 '16 at 8:37

If there is no banner there is no reason to output the banner div. Assuming the banner is in a region by itself you can fix this in the page template (page.tpl.php) where the region is printed.


<?php if ($page['banner_region']): ?>
<div id="banner">
  <?php print render($page['banner_region']); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

A workaround would be to apply the border to the actual banner, e.g. the image. In that way the border will only show up if there is an image.


#banner img {
  border-bottom: 5px solid blue;
  • I used your workaround and put the line on the content in #banner. But there could be a reason for an other time to do it in php. #banner is a region by itself. Does your php exemple apply on that in the way that if the region is empty it will not be visible at all? – hassebasse Aug 10 '16 at 9:46
  • Yes. The if-statement makes sure the region is only printed if there is content assigned to it. – enzipher Aug 10 '16 at 17:54

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