I have a content type 'new resource'.

I have the form displayed as a page. I would like to make it so that form contains an image field for the admin role, but have this field hidden for any anonymous user filling out the form.

I have been trying to use 'Rules':

EVENTS content is viewed

CONDITION content is of type... Parameter: Content: [node], Content types: new resource AND... NOT User has role(s)... Parameter: User: [node:author], Roles: administrator

ACTIONS Remove an item from a list Parameter: List: [node:field-web-resource..., Item to remove: [node:field-web-resource..

This might be completely the wrong way to do it, and there is a simpler way, or the Rules approach might work.

When I try to add the ACTIONS the dropdown box keeps showing me things like this: node:field-web-resource-image-main:0 (Image) node:field-web-resource-image-main:1 (Image) node:field-web-resource-image-main:2 (Image) node:field-web-resource-image-main:3 (Image)

I'm guessing that this is because I have an unlimited amount of images available for upload in this field.

Any help would be most welcome.

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You need the field permission module to set permission on the field level.


Go to /admin/build/modules/list and enable "Content Permissions" under the cck group.

Then go to /admin/user/permissions. Here under "content_permissions module" section enable permissions for the fields you want to be displayed for authenticated users or anonymous users.

  • Is this D7 or D6? I'm on D7.
    – njwrigley
    Commented Jan 30, 2012 at 21:13
  • 1
    @njwrigley I'm Sorry, the above answer was for D6. For D7 go to /admin/people/permissions. There under the "node" group, enable permissions for the fields to be displayed for authenticated users or anonymous users. Commented Jan 30, 2012 at 21:32
  • Thank you for your support. I was after something which would hide 1 specific field with a content type based upon the user role. This did the trick nicely: drupal.org/project/field_permissions. It allows you to set custom permissions within a content type so that, say the image field is not visible on the SUBMIT FORM for anonymous users, but is visible for admins.
    – njwrigley
    Commented Jan 30, 2012 at 21:36

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