I have an array printing in module file. I want to theme that array data,so I am not getting how can I get that array data in template file. I don't want to create theme function and all. is there any inline solution to pass from module to template. My code is like below.

$data['listfiles'] = array(
    '#theme' => 'table',
    '#header' => $filesheader,
    '#rows' => $rows,
    '#empty' => t('No content available.'),

  return $data; 

I want to pass $data variable to the template file, so that I can theme the data.Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


In form.

 * Implements hook_theme().
function YOURMODULE_theme() {
  $themes = array(
    'example' => array(
      'template' => 'templates/example',
      'arguments' => array('data' => NULL),
  return $themes;

after this you can pass your data as

return theme('example', array('data' => $data));

Refer this

And if want to use preprocess to alter data, see hook_preprocess_HOOK

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hook_preprocess_HOOK. You can add your data like $vars['my_data'] = $my_data then access it using $my_data in the tpl.

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