Our current url pattern is [node:menu-link:parents:join-path]/[node:title]. What we need is a way to not to include the parent menu link items and only include the child menu link items.

For example:

Current Menu Structure

The expected output is the following:

  • When Any menu link is placed at the same level as "Fourth level 1" (under Top level), it should be ".com/Second-level1/Third-level-1/Fourth-level-3"
  • Current issue is that the URL is generated as ".com/Top-Level/Second-level1/Third-level-1/Fourth-level-3"
  • We want to remove Top level, Top level 2, top level 3, etc removed from URL path alias.
  • Depending upon the placement of the menu link item, it should always contain the menu links 1 level above (if applicable)
  • The expected url pattern for third level 2 (under Top level/Second level 1) is ".com/second-level-1/third-level-2"


I ended up write a custom module to call the hook_alter using the pathauto that just removes the first part of the URL before the node save event.

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You can use this module https://www.drupal.org/project/pathauto with this you define the custom path use token

  • I am Path Auto already with the following pattern: [node:menu-link:parents:join-path]/[node:title]. The issue is that i do not want i do not want the links such as "Top Level", "Top Level 1", to show up in the URL path. I need assistance in removing the "top level" before the URL is generated. Aug 10, 2016 at 18:37

You might be able to get this to work using the Rules module, together with the Path Rules module, using an approach like so:

  • Rules Event: around the time a node is saved (or updated, etc).
  • Rules Condition: use Path Rules which provides various Rules Conditions "for checking the URL against a given string" (check this module's project page for examples of such checking). It seems that checking your URL patterns should be straight forward with this module.
  • Rules Action: use the "Create or delete a node's URL alias" action to change the URL alias. This Rules Action is similar to using the Pathauto module, you can use tokens to create an appropriate path.
  • I tried that, but i noticed that when i select create or delete a node's URl alias, i am asked to enter the language, which will not work. I need the ability when the node is saved and before it is entered into the db, i need to take the given url path alias and alter it by removing any menu link item i don't want. Aug 10, 2016 at 23:34

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