Trying to schedule a content type to be unpublished on a specific date. Using the scheduler module everything is set up seemingly correct. When I run Cron the update fails,

  • Updater Content - Publishing status complete. Results: No updates were performed. 1 updates were invalid

  • When i go to Scheduled Updates Overview and run scheduled updates manually it works just fine.

Why is Cron Failing?


I have created a drush command to run only the scheduled_updates_cron() function from the command line and also from crontab. I didn't know why all of my updates were invalid till I saw your post, so I made some research and I managed to make my drush command work like the "Run Updates" button from Scheduled Updates Overview page, by specifying the user who should run the update.

Example (Wrong results): drush command-name

Example (Good results): drush --user=1 command-name

If you are using the drush croncommand, you should modified it to drush --user=1 cron

I hope this helps !

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