In Drupal 7, using Flags (and possibly Rules or another contrib module) how can I force a flag to be unique for a specific content type. I do not want to force users to manually 'unflag' content before 'flagging' a new node. I would like reviously flagged nodes to be automatically unflagged once a new flag has been set.

The goal is to allow users to select a 'default node' by use of flags. Only one default node should be allowed.

How can I force and automate flag uniqueness?

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Drupal Rules has a Trim-A-Flag action that lets you set a 'queue' size, or a 'max' number of flags allowed. If you set the queue to 1, you can force a flag to be unique, and have it automatically update when a new entity is flagged.

Screenshot below.

Drupal Rules Trim-a-Flag settings


You could use hook_flag($action, $flag, $content_id, $account) to do this. In this hook, check for content type, and then unflag all unneeded nodes.

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