I'm trying to convert entity objects into array but it's not working. Can you please help me spotting the mistake. I need to use `serializer.normalizer.content_entity' service. The code I have written is:

class ComplexMergeResolver implements ConflictResolverInterface {

  protected $serializer;

  protected function setUp() {
    $this->serializer = $this->container->get('serializer.normalizer.content_entity');

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function applies() {
   return TRUE;

   * @param RevisionableInterface $revision1
   * @param RevisionableInterface $revision2
   * @param RevisionableInterface $revision3
   * @return array
  public function merge(RevisionableInterface $revision1, RevisionableInterface $revision2, RevisionableInterface $revision3) {
    $r1_array = $this->serializer->normalize($revision1, 'array');
    $r2_array = $this->serializer->normalize($revision2, 'array');
    $r3_array = $this->serializer->normalize($revision3, 'array');
    $merge = new ThreeWayMerge();
    $result = $merge->performMerge($r1_array, $r2_array, $r3_array);
    return $result;

r1_array is returned empty, which means normalize method is not being called properly. Any help would do great. Thanks in advance.


I tried serializer.normalizer.content_entity but got no success in normalizing the (node) revision entity, or even node entity for that matter. It always resulted in the following error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function normalize() on a non-object in core/modules/serialization/src/Normalizer/ContentEntityNormalizer.php on line 28

For this I had to enable the serialization module. I also tried with the ContentEntityNormalizer provided by the "hal" module from core. Result same error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function normalize() on a non-object in core/modules/hal/src/Normalizer/ContentEntityNormalizer.php on line 95

I had success with directly using the serializer service from the serialization module. The working code for serializing a node revision is given below. It was verified on /devel/php

$revision = node_revision_load(4);
$container = \Drupal::getContainer();
$normalizer = $container->get('serializer');
$normalized_array = $serializer->normalize($revision);

Or combine line 2 and 3 above to get the serializer directly as

$serializer = \Drupal::service('serializer');

In your setup() function, you need the following change:

$this->serializer = $this->container->get('serializer');

P.S: I am still trying to figure out why serializer.normalizer.content_entity is not working and throwing the errors.

  • Yes, I think too that the correct service to use is the serializer one. I cannot say why there are two services to serialize objects, but I would think that just one is the one that modules would use in their code. – kiamlaluno Aug 15 '16 at 21:22

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