I just noticed that my youtube videos are not showing up properly now on all my websites running Drupal 6. It seems this happens with any Youtube video which is displayed using the Drupal module " Embedded Media Field 6.x-2.7". My Vimeo videos load just fine.

I know that Drupal 6 has gone end of life, but I am no longer actively updating or changing the code side of things for these websites. So I have not changed anything on Drupal core or the modules, so any idea why this would just stop working?

Any ideas how I can get this fixed?

Here is a live example. You need to click the video to launch the lightbox page.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • We exhibited this issue as well on Tuesday 8/16, but it looks like it has been resolved since then. All videos are playing as expected again as of Thursday 8/17. No changes in any config or embed code have been applied. Could have been an intermittent issue on YouTube's end. – user65958 Aug 18 '16 at 22:49
  • Ugh! Yeah, just noticed the videos were working again. Starting to really get annoyed by these bugs Youtube and Google have introduced lately. Somehow, with my luck, I check my website at the exact time these bugs are introduced and then I end up spending 2-3 hrs researching things, messing around with code, etc. Just to find out it's nothing on my end and these big software giants that have caused the issue. I think going forward, when I notice an issue with my site which involves a 3rd party, I will just ignore it for 24 hrs. Ugh, I'd like those 3 hrs of my life back. – AmericanNinja Aug 20 '16 at 6:47

Anson is correct. It appears it was a error on Youtube's side which caused this behavior on websites. I guess note to self, if you see something strange happening on your site which involves 3rd party software, and you have not changed anything on your site, assume it's their fault and wait 24 hrs for them to sort out their issue.

A similar issue happened with Google Chrome improperly sizing HTML tables due to a bug they introduced with how their latest browser and how it interpreted html markup. I tried messing with everything on my website, until I realized it was only happening in Chrome. They fixed it in about 3 days. But it wasted a full day of troubleshooting and investigative work.

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