We have a webform and when submitting this form we would like to update user info in the database regarding values of submitted Webform.

I already managed to get the submitted values from the webform in my custom module. But I don't know how to update the user info in the database because all user info are in separated tables.

I can run a few update queries for each value but it's not a logical way for me!

Any other suggestions?


You can equally use either user_save() or field_attach_update().

// Load the user's account.
global $user;
$account = user_load($user->uid);
$edit = $account->field_my_custom_field[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][value] = $new_value;
user_save($account, $edit);
// field_attach_update
$account->field_my_custom_field[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][value] = $new_value;
field_attach_update('user', $account);

The difference between using one function or the other is that user_save() will update all the user fields whereas field_attach_update() will update only the specified field.

  • thx for ur answer, just a question, is this line getting the user ID and update it's profile '$account = user_load($user->uid);' ? – Sinf Aug 18 '16 at 12:33
  • Welcome! No, you need the $user->uid to user_load a user and then when you user_save to update the user. The uid is a field attached to the $user entity, do a describe users; to your database and you will see all the available user fields. Thus, we are never getting the user id in the way you mean it, as a single/isolated value, instead, we are getting the user object with all its fields attached (from the db) and we decide to which field(s) to refer to. – mchar Aug 18 '16 at 13:23
  • Thx @mchar I understood :) – Sinf Aug 18 '16 at 13:27
  • @Soheyl Using user_load($user->uid) is just an example. In your code you will use the user ID you have, if you have one, or the code shown in this answer, if you need to save a field for the currently logged-in user. – kiamlaluno Aug 21 '16 at 19:55

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