I have a block I am trying to insert into the body field, catch is I want it to appear after the first two paragraphs. I tried using something similar to this in my node.tpl.php:

$array = explode ("</p>", $content['body']);
$array[2] = $myBlock . $array[2];
$content['body'] = implode("</p>", $array);

//Important: This code snippet needs to be inserted before

print $content['body'];

This code does insert my block in the body field, but also overwrites all the content in the field.

I'm using Drupal 7.10, any help is appreciated.


I think you want to be doing this on $body[0]['value']; And then in your output put echo render($content['body']); see the answer to this post on rendering fields.

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  • Thank you! Your tip helped me figure it out. Here is how I got it working: $array = explode("</p>", $body[0]['value']); $array[2] = $myBlock . $array[2]; $content['body'] = implode("</p>", $array); – btotheg Feb 1 '12 at 15:19

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