I have Drupal 7.x and the XML sitemap module version 7.x-2.3. I noticed that I have 900 nodes, but only 480 are indexed.
I cleaned the cache, ran cron tasks, but nothing changed.

The Minimum sitemap lifetime is set to No minimum.

Why isn't the XML sitemap updated? What can I do to fix this?


Check to see if the sitemap covers all content-types. It might be that non-indexed nodes are of content types the sitemap doesn't index.

I haven't used the module a long time since moving most projects to D8 but I believe it has to do with content type or any other conditional restriction that will prevent some nodes from being added.

Note that you should check the content-types themsleves as well (under structure > content types > Settings).

Turn off module or content-tyoe/node customization that might break things (if there are any).

After all of that, rebuild the sitemap.

  • i think that there's not a module that might break things and i don't have other type of content... however i "solved" clicking rebuild sitemap, but i don't understand if now every time that i will add node, must to rebuild the sitemap. And why Indexed nodes are 874 but Visible only 845 ? – user3162975 Aug 22 '16 at 15:55
  • The sitemap should be automatically rebuilt by some conditions, there might be an option to checkmark about this; If such a condition is marked and its still not working then it might be a bug and need report under "Issues for XML sitemap" in D.O... – user16289 Aug 22 '16 at 19:57

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