I'm creating a dummy website to learn Drupal 7. The idea is to build a car garage.

I added "Cars" as a vocabulary in Taxonomy.
Under Cars I made a list of terms (and sub-terms):


  • BMW
    • 1 serie
      • 1.18D
      • 1.20D
    • 3 serie
      • 3.30D
      • 3.35D
    • 5 serie
  • Mercedes
    • A-Class
    • C-Class
  • Audi
    • ...

I used Taxonomy Menu module to display my Vocabulary as a menu item in my main navigation. But now I want my children (terms) to be shown on this page... And when I click on a specific term, I would like it to show this page's child-terms...

I also installed Views module, made a view that would filter like this: Taxonomy vocabulary: Machine name (= Cars), but it's showing everything within my vocabulary...

I searched a lot, maybe not using the right keywords... (new to Drupal). I hope somebody can help me on my way...


When creating a view, choose for Show: Taxonomy Terms instead of the default selected Content. Than you can define the Type of you terms and using a contextual filter (it is for Drupal 6, but the idea is the same) only show the terms that are a child of term page your on.


Also look at the default replacement of the taxonomy pages supplied by views. The view has an argument that is a taxonomy term (i.e. show me a subset of cars based on the current URL/term) but there is a depth modifier that says also show me cars that are also tagged with the parent term or child terms (or not at all).

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