Drupal 7. Using Ubercart 7.x-3.10. I created a shipping default flat rate quote of $7. I created a product and gave it a flat shipping rate of $3.00. When I check out, the shipping quote is $10 (default + product). I don't understand how I get the product flat rate quote to override the default flat rate quote. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!


What I discovered is that in order for the default shipping flat rate quote to be overridden by product flat rate quote:

In Configuration->shipping quotes: Base price must be set to 0.00 Default product shipping rate set to whatever the flat rate is. In my example, it was $7.00.

In product ->shipping settings->flat shipping rates: Flat rate quotes should be set to the overriding amount. In my example, it was $3.00.

So, in the test product example, the flat quote shipping rate would be $3.00. If no rate is set in the product, then the rate will be the default shipping quote of $7.00.

A bit confusing at first, but logical, I guess.

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