I have several content types let say : fooCT1,fooCT2, fooCT3 ... fooCT20. fooCT1 has several entities to the other content types.

If I publish fooCT1 I run a rule which also publish all relevant nodes (fooCT2.. fooCt20) in order to see this information in a panel page for a anonymous user.

But using this means also that the different nodes are available under there separate names url aliases like:


where xx is the node nummer

How to disable this easily?


You can't disable the node entity's canonical path easily, but you can serve a 403/4 for requests to the pages instead.

The simplest method for that is probably the Rabbit Hole module

Rabbit Hole is a module that adds the ability to control what should happen when an entity is being viewed at its own page.

Perhaps you have a content type that never should be displayed on its own page, like an image content type that's displayed in a carousel. Rabbit Hole can prevent this node from being accessible on its own page, through node/xxx.

  • Perfect, could not find this module ! Thxs
    – Justme
    Aug 23 '16 at 12:05

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