Created an RSS feed in Drupal 8 using Views. The feed is fine, but yet I don't have the discoverability icon show up in browsers. Looking at the HTML source I don't see anything like this at all

I found this answer for Drupal 7 but doing "Feed Settings > Attach To > Master" had no affect.


Attach the Feed display to a valid Page display. The "Master" display may not be a valid page display.

An example of this can be seen in the default "Front Page" view. In this view, the feed display is attached to page_1, which is the page at the URL /node.

See the YAML export snippet from views.view.frontpage.yml below:

    display_plugin: feed
    id: feed_1
    display_title: Feed
    position: 2
      sitename_title: true
      path: rss.xml
        page_1: page_1
        default: ''
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  • Ahh I think I see the issue. I just have a Feed, no Page at all ( which is why I just see Master ) – StevenPatz Aug 23 '16 at 17:46

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