I'm making repeated calls to a few related object instances, and I need to cache them in memory.

If I have an array of objects, like:

array('object_a' => $obj_a, 'object_b' => $obj_b);

I want to do something like:

$obj_a = getmyobj('object_a');

Where the object is created if it doesn't exist in memory already.


You can use drupal_static to store an array of object.

You can then define a method, lets call it 'getmyobj', to get your data like this :

function getmyobj($obj_name) {
  $objects = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);

  if (! isset ($objects[$obj_name])) {
    // Here you load your obejct
    $objects[$obj_name] = method_to_load_your_object($obj_name);
  return $objects[$obj_name];

Then you will be able to get you object with the above code :

$obj_a = getmyobj('object_a');

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