I've create a custom entity content with Drupal console,

 drupal generate:entity:content

Now I want delete (remove) it completely, how can I achieve it with drupal console or drush ?

my drupal version is 8.1.8 and my drupal console is 1.0 beta 5

update I have serveral Entity in my module and I want to only remove one Content type, uninstalling module cause all Entity Database table dropped.

I know I can looking for entity table in database remove it and all related file manually I looking for a method with Drupal console or Drush

  • I don't think there is a delete command for entity types, you can manually delete the class file you have created using drupal generate:entity:content – otarza Aug 24 '16 at 9:56

Drush 9 supports deleting custom entities drush entity:delete my_custom_entity

  1. You can use drush genc 0 —kill –types=article but you need to install devel_generate.
  2. You can also install Drush Delete All module available for drupal 8 module link
  • Thanks for you attention Dear, but this is not my question answer. – Yuseferi Aug 25 '16 at 5:27

Delete all custom entities of a type:

Using Drupal Console (best method):

drupal entity:delete custom_type --all

Download and install Drush Delete All module and do:

drush delete-all-entity custom_type

which is the same as drush dae custom_type

Delete all nodes of a type:

Option 1: Using Drupal Console (best method):

drupal entity:delete node --all

Option 1: Download devel module and install devel_generate submodule You can then use drush (as per @shreya's answer) or the UI:

drush genc 0 —kill –types=article 

Option 2: Download and install Drush Delete All module and do:

drush delete-all article

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