This is my layout http://www.gorgeoushentai.com/content/saber-marionette-j-2 If you look at the genres section it shows them as a div class and I want it as a < li > . How can I make it a list format? I can't find where it's printing the terms in the templates. This is for drupal 7

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The template file you're looking for is field.tpl.php. The naming suggestions for this template are explained fairly well here and here - although they aren't in the documentation and I haven't tested them. So the steps you need to take are:

  1. Copy the .tpl.php file from modules/field/theme
  2. Rename it so it targets only the field type you wan't ('list_text' I think in your case).
  3. Change the divs into ul/ol and li as required.

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