I just found an issue on my sitemap in Webmaster tools that one of my pages on my site has become an infinite loop. The page does not display for any browser. I tried deleting my cookies and the page still won't come up. I'm using Google Chrome. This seems to be a server issue. How do I go about solving this issue?


I don't believe Drupal has to do with this.

  1. Check your Redirects created by Redirect module to see if you have mistakenly created a double loop (page reference to another page and vice versa).

  2. Check your HTaccess file for such a problem as well.

If you changed a domain to your site, make sure there is a wildcard redirect to the new domain: This isn't done on Drupal site but from the Webserver. The WC redirect should be from the old site folder to the new one, both to the domain with www and without.

No further redirection is needed.

Consult your hosting support if you are not sure about this.

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