I've created custom Drupal 8 theme using bootstrap. Everything is fine except admin toolbar. Toolbar is displaying correctly in backend but in frontend is only displays the "Manage,shortcuts, admin" menu and not the submenu like "Content, structure" etc etc..like this

enter image description here

But if I disable Aggregate CSS files and Aggregate js files then it works fine like this. enter image description here

Please help me out with this..

Thank you


Currently, the module doesn't work quite well with some particular themes.

It is most certainly a CSS issue and should be debugged theme-specifically, this is due to the fact that the module is working fine on other themes.

Another possibility which is very much less likely is theme-specific JS that somehow manipulates the CSS of the module, though, from my expeirence option 1 is the most likely and I believe that's the case.

If you will paste a link to the site, this answer could be further edited with a more specific solution.

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