I'm creating a Drupal 8 system where I need commenting to be shared across cloned nodes. When cloning a node the new node is assigned with a new nid, but the title contains the cloned title of the previous node. I was thinking I can use that as a contextual variable to show the shared comments, but I'm unsure of how to go about this.

Or maybe there is better way of solving this approach to display shared commenting?

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There's many routes which to take for this. Drupal 8 gives you a bit more flexibility than previous versions. For the sake of managing a shared comment section, you can go about creating a new body-less content type that only contains:

  • A comment field
  • A node reference field with 2 entries (one for the parent & child cloned node)

Upon your clone operation, you can create a new entity with a dummy, to-be-hidden, title and the node reference field populated with the parent/child nodes.

For display/commenting, you can create a block view that uses a Provide default value: Raw value from url (Path component: 2) (i.e. the node id) contextual filter so the block only displays the shared comment entity on viewing the child/parent nodes.

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