I edit my template field--field-email--customer.tpl.php and it works but I would like to display a field twice. I tried with this but it doesn't work : print render($content['field_nom']);

  • You need to correct the question. Your question title is a about content type template and description is about field template. You wants to display field in content type template or field template ( field--field-email--customer.tpl.php).
    Aug 30, 2016 at 8:34

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As per my knowledge you can not use $content array in field.tpl.php. You need to use $items.

Available variables:

$items: An array of field values. Use render() to output them.
$label: The item label.
$label_hidden: Whether the label display is set to 'hidden'.
$classes: String of classes that can be used to style contextually through CSS.

from preprocess functions. The default values can be one or more of the following:

field: The current template type, i.e., "theming hook".
field-name-[field_name]: The current field name.
field-type-[field_type]: The current field type. 
field-label-[label_display]: The current label position. 
$element['#object']: The entity to which the field is attached.
$element['#view_mode']: View mode, e.g. 'full', 'teaser'...
$element['#field_name']: The field name.
$element['#field_type']: The field type.
$element['#field_language']: The field language.
$element['#field_translatable']: Whether the field is translatable or not.
$element['#label_display']: Position of label display, inline, above, or hidden.
$field_name_css: The css-compatible field name.
$field_type_css: The css-compatible field type.
$classes_array: Array of html class attribute values

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