I am trying to customize a views output on a view page to wrap the fields in custom markup. I need to group a set of fields to achieve the desired layout like so:


   <div class="wrapper">
       {{ field.[field_name_1].content }}
   <div class="wrapper2">
       {{ field.[field_name_2].content }}
       {{ field.[field_name_3].content }}
       {{ field.[field_name_4].content }}

This is what I have come up with so far:

{% if view.projects_page -%}    
    <div class="project-img columns large-8 medium-12 small-12">
        {{ field.field_project_image.content }}
    <div class="description columns large-4 medium-10 small-12">
        {{ field.field_project_header.content }}
        {{ field.field_sub_header.content }}
        {{ field.field_short_project_description.content }}
{%- endif %}

This doesn't throw any errors but also doesn't seem to work because {% if view.projects_page -%} does not target the view in the way I thought it would.

So the question is - How do I detect the view with a conditional so I get the output desired above?


You need to refer documentation for the working with twig template. Here you can use conditional twig :

Twig: {% if field.[field_name].content is not empty %} field.[field_name].content {% endif %}

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  • Thank you for the response. The link has been helpful but the code provided still throws errors. Odd because it appears as if it should work. I double checked the field machine name and that is not the problem so I'm gonna keep reading. – KRC Aug 31 '16 at 17:42

Sorry, but this is confusing me. Do you really mean views-view-fields.html.twig?
Because you reach the fields like
{{ fields.[field_name].content }} and not
{{ field.[field_name].content }} and inside the "for" you can test with
{% if field == fields.[field_name] }}

Ah and try

{{ kint(row.[field_name] ,row._entity.get('[field_name]').value) }}

Because when you need to check for a value and you have twig in development mode (literally spoken:
twig.config: debug: true
) you will get the template suggestions in field.content. So when you are checking for the nid it would be
{% if row.nid == 900 %} Do someting {% endif %}

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