I got into a discussion with co-workers today after reviewing some code on a Drupal 6 project.

When creating a module, I tend to define all template preprocessor functions by including the module name

function mymodulename_preprocess_news_item(&$vars){ ... }

If another module/theme needs to override/expand this, I add the function definition with the new module/theme name. This is how I've come to understand the theme layer to work.

My co-worker's mentioned that I should be using the following instead for custom preprocessor definitions:

function template_preprocess_news_item(&$vars){ ... }

According to the documentation on theme(), template_preprocess gets executed before anything else so I'm leaning towards agreeing with my co-workers since these are custom theme elements and the originating module should process the initial content.

I am curious if there are any best practices/opinions out there on this matter.


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Why not look at drupal core for best practice which favors template_process_X.

Also for some processors both template_preprocess and module_preprocess hooks can get called, see template_preprocess_block and system_preprocess_block as an example.

  • Part of the confusion is that nearly every example or tutorial is written for someone who wants to override a theme function from core. Even module examples seem to follow this "mymodule_preprocess.." format. What I take away from the core and from the description of theme() is that the initial definition of a preprocessor SHOULD be named with template instead of the module/theme name to ensure that it is setup properly. Would you agree with this? Feb 1, 2012 at 20:09
  • 1
    @PrairieHippo Both will work, the most "correct" way would be to use template_ for your own theme preprocess hooks. Views also uses this setup.
    – googletorp
    Feb 1, 2012 at 20:18

Whether or not it's best practice, I've always made sure that a module's code only includes functions that begin with the module name or underscorename. With that in mind when preprocess()ing, I've put the template_ ones in my theme's template.php file. That way, I know where everything is. Also, this keeps things "in order" with respect to drupal's theme hierarchy.

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