I have installed the XML sitemap module and included all my articles in the sitemap. By default, also the URL node/add/article is added, but I do not want that since anonymous users cannot visit this page. Google's Search Console tells me that the URL is blocked by robots.txt - which is great - but I want to get rid of the warning messages that show up due to the blocking.

How can I delete the URL node/add/article from my sitemap?


This could either happen because it's node/add/article is included within a menu that's indexed by XML Sitemap or a custom path that was added.

In either case, a drush command can update the path flag for exclusion & rebuild the sitemap so that it's no longer there.

drush sqlq "UPDATE xmlsitemap SET status = 0 WHERE loc = 'node/add/article'"
drush xmlsitemap-rebuild

If you need to do this through the UI, you'll need to check either /admin/config/search/xmlsitemap/custom for a custom link or edit the menu item that contains it (/admin/structure/menu).

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