I have a content type Intertainment and i made a reference of a view(entity referene).

I used inline entity form complex widget in manage form display the entity reference and i checked "Allow users to add existing jeux".

enter image description here

When i add/edit the entity reference field of type Intertainment , when i click "ajouter une jeu existant - or add jeu existant."

enter image description here

=> Results of autocomplete are when i taped something its give all titles of references entities like this : test taxo 1

My need is to override the array results of autocomplete of inline entity form module and i don't want to add a new widget.

Example add type of content in the key of result array of autocomplete. enter image description here

=> What i want to make :

enter image description here

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It's pretty much the same as Show node IDs along with titles in Entity reference Autocomplete list except you use content type name instead of node id.

Currently there is a bug in Drupal 8 where this does not work properly. Here is the issue: Views Filter by an entity reference view not working as expected you could try the patch in comment #26 or the module in comment #13. I have not tried them yet.

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