I'm trying to figure out how to hide a view block when it has no rows. Though this questions is similar, it's not the same. In my situation I am also using a contextual filter but have no file fields so the answer in that question doesn't apply.

I've tried global: null as a second contextual filter but still the block shows with just the title.

Can anyone help me solve this issue.

Many thanks for any help.

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Add another filter it's not important which field , as example if you have Content:title ( or any field you have in fields row) and set filter is it's not empty.

The mechanism is simple, contextual filter cause view not consider as empty even thought there is no any row, and when you add a filter on a field that not exists it cause view considered as empty. So only add one of your view field to filter and check if it is not empty

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I tried various methods suggested in various places, including this one from @zhilevan, but the only way I could get it to work was to remove the title from the block and add it in as a header to the block.

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