I created a views reports page with multiple field collections (10), I added the field collection in relationships in advanced option to get the fields inside the field collection. this works great I get all the data that I need. but here's the problem. If the page have the data on it, it takes time to load the page.

Example: If I have thousands of data in views reports page, it takes time to load the page, almost 1 minute(some times it keeps on loading). though I only display 10 items on each row using pagination/views lightpager but stills the page loading is slow,

My question: is how can I optimise my views reports page with multiple field collection relationships in my current setup, any suggestions will be appreciated.

Note: The data should always up to date. that's why I don't cache the views.

Thank you!

  • Why cant you use Views Cache?
    – NTT
    Sep 8, 2016 at 7:59
  • It should show the latest data,
    – iamroald
    Sep 8, 2016 at 8:01

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As per your reply, you dont want to use Cache, so I can suggest a module for this, Views Accelerator. It increases the performance of the view.

Views Accelerator can bring about significant speed improvements on sites with views that cannot be cached normally, for instance because the views depend on an aspect of the visitor's session, like their location. Views Accelerator serves up two modes of operation.

Analysis mode: Switched on from the module's configuration page, admin/config/system/views-accelerator, this displays at the top of the screen a performance summary for each view on the page. If performance is already great, tell your boss or customer. If it isn't, take a screenshot of the performance summary and proceed with the Accelerator mode: On views that could do with a boost, find and click the Caching option link in the Advanced section of the Views UI. It will reveal a new pseudo-caching option: None. Post-execution optimized by Views Accelerator. Select that. Revisit the page with the view(s) and compare performance stats to the screenshot you took earlier. Win? Then tell your boss or customer.

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