I have a content type foo, that has a media field and a body with text. I want to list the most resent foo on whit a specific visualization: double column layout for a foo that has media which is previewed left and on the right is a summery of the body. If there is no media then simply show the summary of the body.

I can create a block bar in Views module, that list all the foo and show this block on . I can create a Node template of type foo with Panels module that has the required layout but I don't know how to apply that on the list of foos in bar.

Do I need to use in Panels Node template? My selection rule is: This panel will be selected if NOT (media is set to ""), and Current path is "front". (not working).

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If you use a special layout only here, maybe the display suite module is enough for you. The main part of the solution is you have to create a view mode for the node, that you will use to display a media/description in the views. You have to set the proper layout here, so something 50/50 and the two fields. If you are done with this new view mode, you have to go into the views. In the Format section you will see the Show line there you have to change from Field to Content. If you set the Content you will see a second column which is listing the available view modes for your content, here you need to select the recently created view mode.

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