I am trying to add a 'IPGV&M: Map (Google) centered on visitor's location' block to all user profiles and I kinda succeeded. The map appears in the user profile, in the footer where i intended to have it, when I visit the user profile it asks if it can use my location. After clicking yes, I face couple problems:

  1. It just shows a world's map from far far away without any marker on the location of a user
  2. I have to make it so when visiting a user's profile I would be able to see where he/she is from in the map. If I use this method I talked about, doesn't it mean that when I visit someone else's profile I will be still seeing my own location? How to solve this problem?

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I'm no expert but try using the Location Module. It

"..allows real-world geographic locations to be associated with Drupal nodes, including people, places, and other content"

God Bless.


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