I'm writing a custom module to pull in some images from an old D6 installation (the cck plugin is failing to connect images to the correct node). So I need to be able to create new ImageItem and add them to the field.

Can I simply create a new object like:

$field = $node->field_gallery;
$img = new ImageItem();
   "target_id" => 123,
    "alt" => "Alt text"
   "title" => "Title text" 

$field->set($delta, $img);

Or do I need to do something with entityManager to get it linked properly?

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You don't need any of that. You just set the values, everything else will be taken care of for you.

$node->set('field_gallery', [
  'target_id' => 123,
  'alt' => 'Alt text'
  'title' => 'Title text' 

If you want to have multiple items, use `$node->field_gallery->appendItem($values);


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