I have a XML file as below

    <title>Channel Title</title>
    <description>Channel Description</description>
      <owner:name>Owner Name</owner:name>
      <owner:email>Owner Name</owner:email>
      <title>Item 1 title</title>
      <author>Item 1 author</author>
      <title>Item 2 title</title>
      <author>Item 2 author</author>

In my Xpath parser settings, I gave /rss/channel/item as context and I am getting only the item title and item author into my node. How it is possible to add title,description and owner details into my node?. And I also want the same structured XML output using Views data export.

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You need to move your context 1 level back.

context: /rss/channel

title: title

description: description

owner name: owner/owner:name

owner email: owner/owner:email

item title: item/title

item author: item/author

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