I've got an issue with a field called Track Listing. As the title states it is a Text(plain) type with unlimited possible values so that I can input as many as I'd like. The machine name is: track_listing

As it stands I'm outputting the label and items using: {{ content.field_track_listing }} which gives me this:

Track Listing

But I'd like to be able to wrap the field in an ol tag in addition to every track with a li tag to be able to get a nice ordered numbered list. Using twig templates I've wrapped it accordingly but find it only targets the first value which is in this case the label as seen here:

track listing ordered list

I feel that I should be using a for/if loop in order to get the right values since removing the label only wraps the first item as well. If anyone has an article I can check out to point myself in the right direction I would appreciate it, thank you.


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You can easily theme a multiple value field in the field template.

To do this put a field twig in mytheme/templates:


<div{{ attributes }}>

  <div{{ title_attributes }}>{{ label }}</div>

  {% for item in items %}
    <li>{{ item.attributes }}>{{ item.content }}</li>
  {% endfor %}


Here you can change the html markup around each field item {{ item.content }} the same way as you do this in node around the complete field {{ content.field_name }}. This is the concept of nested render elements.


Inside node--[content-type-name].html.twig


{% for track in content.field_track_listing['#items'].getValue() %}

  <li>{{ track.value }}</li>

{% endfor %}


If you need to display the field label, put {{ content.field_track_listing['#title'] }} before the <ol> tag

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