Problem: The views page title fails to render as I expect in the Monoset theme.

I'm using Drupal 8.1.9, and the Monoset sandbox theme. Monoset uses classy as the base theme. I've created a view with a title. The Page Title block is enabled and set to display.

If I place:

{{ page['#title'] }}

into my page.html.twig I see the title, though this adds the page title to every page, without regards to the Page Title block settings.

The Seven core theme renders the title as I expect. Bartik and Stark do not.

Looking at the classy templates/views/views-view.html.twig file is this comment:

title: Title of the view, only used when displaying in the admin preview.

I'm guessing that seven is performing correct preprocessing that bartik, stark and monoset are not performing?

My work-around until I disambiguate this issue is to do a twig page override for this views page.

I'm unclear if

are related issues.

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