On my Drupal 7 site, I noticed that the IMCE popup loses its action buttons and all functionality when I'm using Adminimal as the admin theme:

Where are the buttons?

In the Known Issues section of the IMCE project page, it mentions using the ThemeKey module if there is a conflict with your custom theme. Here are the ThemeKey rules it says to write:

drupal:path = %token
drupal:path:wildcard token * imce

When I do this, the IMCE buttons are, in fact, back in place (yay!)... BUT the entire site, both public pages and administration pages, are also displayed in Garland (boo!).

How can I force just the IMCE popup window to render in Garland?

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As is my nature, I was totally overthinking this. Here's what I had to do in ThemeKey:

First, for the File field:

drupal:path = imce-filefield/%

Basically, this is matching the first section of the URL path with imce-filefield and then whatever else comes after it is matched with /%.

This solves the problem for file/image uploads. The IMCE file browser used in the WYSIWYG editor (in my case, CKEditor) has a different URL path, so its interface is still broken. That one is simply:

drupal:path = imce

So far so good...

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