I want to add much HTML to my form elements in order to arrange them on the page, I will be using bootstrap framework to do this.

Which method would be better, to create a twig template file or to use HOOK_form_alter?

If the way to do this would be to create a twig template file, then how can I ensure the form html tags with the form method is also rendered to the page? I have attempted to do this but I don't know how to get the actual form to render, just the inputs are there in the html source code.

I know in Drupal 7 that you had to render something called child elements, but when I check for this array in Kint there is no such thing.


A good starting point is the bootstrap theme. They have a stable version for drupal 8. (It's the most object oriented theme I've seen so far)

So I would suggest to make your custom theme, as sub-theme of it.

If you want to do it fully by yourself, you would use hook_form alter existing forms (if needed) and theme_hooks/html.twig to add some bootstrap specific classes and change HTML structure. The mentioned theme is a good starting point to look at all the things that need to be changed.

  • Ok thanks, so I will use Hook_form_alter to add classes to the already existing html? Can this be done in the MYTHEME.theme file? – user43161 Sep 13 '16 at 5:27
  • I really would suggest you use the bootstrap theme. (or at least check out their code for reuse) hook_form_(FORM_ID)_alter is normally used in a custom module to alter existing form. theme_hook (like theme_checkbox) is normally placed in the .theme file you mentioned, and is the way also to add classes and change the HTML structure for all those elements. – rémy Sep 13 '16 at 7:57


That gives some code to add to the template.php file for a login form and could be a useful base for you to improve upon.

I'm doing the exact same thing as you are right now.

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