I'm using Data module to adopt tables from the same DB as 'native' Drupal tables and Views module to present the data.

I added two dropdown exposed filters with Selective filter module. It takes all values from fields and puts them to the selective list. It works fine.

However I would like to configure my exposed filters the way that the second filter will show values according to the chosen value in the first one. E.g. if you choose a specific academic department in the first filter, the second one will offer you the list of this department's staff members.

Is it possible to achieve such a behavior? If so, do I need any extra modules (taxonomy?) or should I create a module myself?

  • You can use Taxonomy itself. And use Better Exposed filter in Views to achieve.
    – NTT
    Sep 13, 2016 at 11:27

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First Install Hierarchical Select Module for display taxonomy of parent/child relations then add that taxonomy as a field to your content type then add this field to your exposed filter. it's working..

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