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I have created two sites. They have the same modules and themes available, however I want them to be complete clones of each other without doing a manual database export and import.

I attempted using Drupal 8's configuration synchronization but I receive the following message

The staged configuration cannot be imported, 
because it originates from a different site than this site. 
You can only synchronize configuration 
between cloned instances of this site.

I've attempted using the Features module. But I don't see an option for exporting and importing to separate sites.

I've also looked at a similar question here Sync content between two Drupal sites However that applies to Drupal 7.

Is there a way to import and export nodes, site settings, and configurations such as menu items and what modules are turned on or off from one site to another?

UPDATE: I've discovered that I might be able to use configuration synchronization if I get the UUIDs to match, but I'm having trouble running drush on my multisite. Is there a way to manually change the UUID in the database?

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See this question and answers on why what you want to do is not possible at the moment.

How to add the configuration changes from a website to another website?

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