I created a view for the front page and also a node--view--frontpage.html.twig to design this view. Is there any opportunity to catch the first node with a if statement to design it differently?

In this case I want to change the order of the first iteration in the node--view--frontpage.html.twig:

{% set createdDate = node.getCreatedTime | date('j.m.Y') %}
<article{{ attributes }}>
  {{ content.field_picture }}
  <div class="meta">
    {{ createdDate }}
    {% if content.typ | render | trim %}
      , {{ content.typ }}
    {% endif %}
  <h2 class="news" {{ title_attributes }}>
    <a href="{{ url }}" rel="bookmark">{{ label }}</a>
  {{ content.body }}
  • You should elaborate your question further more. Please paste the relevant code that you've so far.
    – kenorb
    Commented Sep 23, 2016 at 13:22

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The display suite module has a views integration that allows you to choose a different display mode for the first node in a view versus all the others. In this case you can easily create a separate tpl for that view mode and you're good to go. Its extremely powerful. Take a look at this post and look for "Alternating view modes" in the last screen shot.

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